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Elsy Cumba

[  CEO & CFO  ]


Elsy is highly knowledgeable, principled, and honest. Elsy enjoys her family, supporting her local community church, and helping various civic associations. Elsy has subject matter expertise with U.S./LATAM commerce matters, account management for various U.S. Government programs and is fluent in Spanish as a Certified Medical Interpreter & maintains ESOL/ESL Certifications.


Elsy Cumba was born in El Salvador where she lived as a young child prior to immigrating to the U.S., where she was raised in Washington, DC. Elsy is married to Patrick Cumba and is a proud parent of three wonderful children. She is an effective communicator, has superior organizational skills, and she operates with a win-win demeanor. Elsy is a McKinley College of Colorado graduate, a Kappa Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society Member, with an Associates Degree in Business Management. Elsy holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Accounting, from Liberty University. Elsy has extensive experience with global office operations and management.   


Elsy has proficiency with proprietary systems including Epic, Meditech, VersaForm, IDX (Phamis Last Word), Medipac (HBO), Medical Manager, and Med Master. U.S. State Department Certified Medical Interpreter, bilingual, English/Spanish. Certified AAPC Medical Professional Coder, CPC. Experience as a Health and Human Services (HHS) credentialed Site Verification Inspector. P&L expertise with advanced accounting principles for multiple U.S. Government and Industry contracts. Elsy has supported the business operations as the Small Business Administrator for PATRICK CUMBA, LLC, with over 17 contracts for a decade.


Patrick Cumba

[  COO & President  ]


Patrick Cumba is the COO & President with more than three decades of security and Law Enforcement experience, specializing in strategic and operational consulting, as well as security support services related to various cleared critical infrastructure protection and National Security Programs. 


Patrick Cumba began his academic career in Maine and is an Alumni of Southern Maine Technical College and the University of Southern, ME. Patrick began his Police career part-time with the City of Old Orchard Beach Police Department and then went on to become a full time certified Police Officer in the Town of Pittsfield, ME. Starting a Police career in a small rural Policing environment taught Patrick the professional skills to be self-sufficient, diplomatic, and to force multiply with all available resources or assets.  Patrick has over twenty years of Protective Operations, Investigative, Corporate, and Law Enforcement experience. Patrick is known as a facilitator and consensus builder within the Police or Security Operations community.


Patrick is a decorated retired Detective Grade II from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department; where he concurrently maintained desks with Federal Task Forces, including the DEA, FBI, and U.S. Department of State (DoS). Patrick was a Detective with the elite Narcotics and Special Investigations Division; which led the U.S. with executed search warrants and arrests made by a specialized unit over the course of several years. Patrick is a record holder with several significant international criminal investigations including large seizures with successful prosecutions.


Patrick supports multiple Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Force Protection Security Programs with his one of a kind skill sets and highly talented team. He supports various international U.S. Law Enforcement activities and National Security functions, including Civil Service or National Security Investigations. Patrick has a background in National Security matters, Counter-Intelligence, and development of concise actionable intelligence. Patrick is a designated Police Operations and Protective Security Operations Subject Matter Expert (SME) by DoD, with Personnel Security and Physical Security.

Patrick provides strategic and operational advice as well as support services related to various cleared critical infrastructure protection and National Security Programs. Patrick maintains Subject matter expertise with the identification and development of advanced technologies that have global or National Security applications and integrating these technologies into Mission critical programs. Patrick frequently matches emerging security requirements with ITAR compliant validated emerging technologies.   


Patrick represents Police organizations as a retired Command Staff Law Enforcement Officer, working as a Liaison Officer (LNO) matching emerging threat requirements to various rapid deployment Federal Organizations and Industry. Since 2009, Patrick has been a LNO and United States Delegate to the United Kingdom, representing the U.S. Government and Law Enforcement as a U.S. Delegate.


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