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Operational Security (OPSEC)


Security threats are constantly evolving. In today’s world, these threats can be challenging and even devastating to your organization's reputation and economic well-being. Our OPSEC Service brings security experts to your site to evaluate your current security state, improve your operational workflow, and expand your employees’ knowledge and skill sets to improve productivity and decrease downtime.

[ Tactical Intelligence | Counterintelligence in Support of Force Protection | Physical, Technical, & Operational Security Controls | Resiliency & Recovery | Operational Threat Mitigation | Situational Awareness Reports | Vetting of Staff | Insider Threat Detection | Continuity of Operations ]


Threat Assessments


Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. We can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in various scenarios, from facility security to executive protection. We can help you determine the likelihood of any particular threat, prioritize action plans, recommend appropriate security measures and implement solutions, when necessary. 

[ Threat & Vulnerability Review | Gap Analysis | Threat & Vulnerability Remediation | All Hazards Reports | Comprehensive Threat Assessments | Online Exposure Screening | Limited Threat Assessments| Online Presence Survey | Brand Reputation Exposure Screening ]


Protective Operations

We help Client's establish customized protective security programs, then provide executive protection managers and agents as needed. We provide both turn-key, outsourced services and embedded programs that provide management expertise and manpower within the client organization. Our expert agents protect the principal 24/7/365 or as necessary at work, at home and while traveling. Executive close protection programs include the option of covert protection and protective surveillance to minimize intrusiveness and deter incidents as far from the principal as possible.

[ Protective Intelligence | Close Protection Security | Venue Advances | Virtual Privacy |  Evacuations | Intelligence Analysis | Security Drivers | Zero Signature Security | Security Driving | Surveillance Detection | Concierge Services | Virtual Global Protectee Monitoring ]


Emerging Technologies

Leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced sensors, cloud computing, and advanced analytics, to improve how intelligence is gathered, processed, and exploited for secure operations. These technologies could enhance and automate a variety of core collection and processing tasks across your business domains and operating environments.

[ Leveraging Technology To Reduce Manpower Requirements | Commercialization of Technology | Data Collection Management | Signal Detection & Early Warning | Validation of Technology | Triage & Notification | Sense-making and Visualization | Exploitation & Actioning ]


Safe Traveler & Satellite IoT

Our Traveler Program provides an objective evaluation of current security challenges to form the foundation of the overall master travel security plan, designed to negate identified critical threats. Count on us for trained and vetted security drivers and secure vehicles, route planning, traveler tracking and related services so Principals can work and travel efficiently and safely wherever they need to go – worldwide.

[ 24/7 Global Lifeline Services | SatComms | Secure Satellite IoT | 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) | Risk Intelligence and Analysis | Secure Global Communications | Venue Advance Planning | Incident Monitoring & Alerts | Global Traveler Tracking ]



We excel with providing superior Investigative Services to our clients, including National Security investigations while assisting agencies that need to process and credential new or existing  employees or contractors on a timely basis. Background investigations are often required to determine an individual’s assignment to or retention in positions with sensitive duties.

[ Pre-screening | Background Investigations | Cyber Screening | Counterintelligence | Defensive Intelligence | Facility Security Officer (FSO) Support | Continuous Evaluation | Insider Threat Detection ]


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