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Strengthen The Connection Between Security, Operations, & Strategy_

Our security operations and consulting services provides the strategic intelligence, tactical intelligence, and appropriate architecture required for successful deployments with continued improvement.

Industry Knowledge


Mission Driven


Rigorous Analysis


[ Operational Security ]


Our Tactical Intelligence will show you where you are most vulnerable, then help mitigate and safeguard against threats.


[ Threat Assessments ]


Our multidisciplinary approach looks at security from every angle to mitigate risks from the physical environment, to the human element, or technology.


[ Protective Operations ]


Our experts are prepared to meet a wide range of personal protective requirements wherever needed.


[ Emerging Technology ]


We help identify, prepare, and commercialize emerging threat mitigation technologies for rapid deployment.


[ Safe Traveler & SatComms ]


Address travel risks with global satellite communications connectivity at a pace that suits your needs with a robust design to minimize the impact of business operations.


[ Investigations ]

Ensure persons granted access to sensitive information or sensitive positions are dependable, trustworthy, and responsible. Insider Threat Detection with Protective Intelligence.

Patrick is a trusted colleague and highly respected member of the Professional Security and Law Enforcement Community. Patrick is a very powerful contact with an incredible network of associates across every industry.


Tim Hooper, President

OPSEC3 International

Patrick is one of the most professional and supportive individuals I have ever worked with. His investigative skills are top notch. His dedication and determination in the pursuit of justice are hard to put into words. I knew that any time I contacted Patrick with a problem that he would be able to find a solution...


Brooke Walker, Cyber Crimes Unit

Alabama Bureau of Investigation

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